ASPECT ( @a_s_p_e_c_t )

BIO:Aspect, a simple perspective enhancing common thought. This up and coming artist born and raised in Queens, New York is like no other with his old school feeling and unusual style. Starting at the age of 16 with a group called Foot Soldiers inspired him to pursue his career as an artist. Aspect is an artist that likes to think outside the box with his metaphors and creativity. Some of his musical influences range from artists such as Dennis Brown, Anita Baker and Michael Jackson. Although being compared to Common, Lupe Fiasco, and Nas his style separates him from among the rest with the key ingredients missing in Hip-Hop today. Aspect approaches his music with one quote “Greed Over Passion Equals Personal Failure”. He feels artist are afraid to be creative and he wants to give listeners their true art and feelings on wax. Most of Aspect lyrics tells about his struggles as a single father and other real life stories. His first mix tape called “Arts and Craft” explains a genuine and modern approach with music, but at the same time is a sound like no other. Aspect takes his time with each verse so that he is able to paint a picture of his creative artwork.