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Who Is Shawn Archer
( How did you Get The Name ? )

I am a Hip-Hop artist from Philly signed with the hottest independent label in the game, Street Knowledge Entertainment.
My first name is Shawn; that’s the name my mom gave me. The name [Shawn Archer] came from Face Off, the movie. The reason I chose the name is because John Travolta, who played Shawn Archer, was a dedicated driven and focused individual and he did whatever to get the job done. I felt I should use that last name and with my first name being Shawn, it was a perfect fit

With Endless Styles, and Subject Matter in the Hip Hop World… What Does Shawn Archer Represent ?


Shawn Archer represents a guy from Philly who’s been through struggle and pain, but still able to maintain his sanity and become a king…like a rose out of the concrete, if you will. With me being a student of Hip-Hop and music being an extension of who I am, I am able to take those emotions and show them in an artistic way and represent it from an authentic place.

Where do you See yourself in the Next Five Years ? ..

In the league. When I say ‘in the league,’ I’m basically using a sport analogy because you got high school, college and the pros. That’s the way I look at the Hip-Hop game. Whether I’m Lebron James or just someone on the bench, the end goal is to be playing on a professional level. In 5 years, that’s exactly where I’ll be…on a professional level. Just know that I’m going to put some points on the board. (laughs)

What Artist would you Like to see yourself do a Track with ?

That’s a hard one for me, because I’m a student of the game and I see it from different levels. You have singers and rappers. For me to make my dream track, my hook would have Bruno Mars or Beyonce’. If I worked with a rapper, it would be Jay-Z. I’m shooting for the stars. I could really name 100 more people, but I’m going to keep it simple.


Outside of Hip hop, what are your Interest ?

Learning. I’m one of those people who have to learn something every day. Whatever I can learn that can help me in life is my interest. It could be health or wealth…whatever it is, as long as it feeds my soul and something I can use to benefit me or other people.

So Far, Which of your Projects have you been the most excited about/ Feel the most accomplished with?

Everything I do, I am excited about. It’s just an opportunity to showcase my skills. When it comes to my music, it’s a lot of different layers to me. It’s like that with me, as a person, as well. With music, it’s the same. I can’t give you everything in one sitting. This is more like a movie. Each thing I do is like an additional scene to this movie. Get your popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

Any Last words, for Your Audience ?

Make sure you check out my project on all digital platforms, Swag & 808s. It’s out now. For all news and updates, please visit iamshawnarcher.com
Be on the lookout for my new album, “Ventilation.” New single coming real, real soon. Follow me on social media: Twitter/IG- @IamShawnArcher @@@@@@@@@@ IGIGIG