Interview With @cleetchie along with an ( 8 hour studio giveaway )


So what got you into Music/ How did you get into Engineering ?

My twin brother found a flyer on the floor about a music conference event and he dragged me out to it. I didn’t want to go but I went. So this guy Tumba B Cool was teaching the music business and he then started this group called The Cool School… I started out rapping with this group… We was 13 deep. Singers, Rappers, Managers, Producers, etc. I was invited to Electric Lady Studio (A Studio Jimi Hendrix Built Before he passed) in Manhattan New York. I was a fly on the wall I didn’t know anything about music but seeing the Hundreds of Thousands of dollars worth of equipment blew me away and sparked my interest in Engineering. I began studying Engineering and Production day and night. I had to be about 17 years old. At 19 I became homeless when my father went back to his native island of Tobago. And at the time that slowed down me pursuing rapping at the time and but I stayed in the studio helping other people perfect their sound and that’s where I found my calling. I had no idea I would be able to make a sustainable living doing music but I made a definitive choice. I’d rather be making a living off of doing music full-time or I’d rather be dead is what I used to tell myself. I didn’t do music because it was the logical thing to do. I did because I loved it I did it thru the most craziest living conditions. When I was homeless I used to go to Newark Library with my broken down laptop at the time and my cheap gaming headphones and I’ll make music. I went from being homeless to quitting my job at 25 years old. Working with thousands of artists later I was now able to see the potential in doing what you love and I couldn’t see this in the beginning. Me being homeless put me into a transitional living program where I lived right next door to a Legendary Hip Hop Producer. And I didn’t find this out till I met a guy named Money Long in a whole other town. The Producer ended up being The Legendary Buckwild from D.I.T.C. We worked together for bout 2 years. I see that me being homeless was the beginning of my journey and it had to happen. Was the best thing to ever happen to me.

How was it working with Nas ?

It’s just like working with everybody else but when you in Pro Tools and you solo Nas vocals it’s like wow that’s really Nas. But I don’t feel overwhelmed working with anybody. My favorite to work with that I would love to work with again is Meyhem Lauren.


What are your other Interest out of Music?
My interests outside of Music involves mainly reading and web development

In this digital age, from cd’s to mp3’s to streaming sites, what are key Factors an Artist has to take in to grow their Music?

In this digital age. Key Factors Artists need to consider is First Building your brand and knowing your value. Most Artists think their gonna just drop their music and it’s just gonna pop. Market yourself and build a following. This will make your brand valuable to other companies because you’ll have something they’ll need, and that’s eyes behind you. But send your following to your links.

What do you feel can take Hip Hop To a New Level?

Idk if I can say much on that but making music that connect with people on another level. I feel when you look at the artists that sell albums they have some kind of substance to their music. And I believe having content with substance is how you sell any product not just music.
Things only grow with time.

So in 5 years from Now, where do you see your Self at?

5 Years from now highly successful, My Beat Service booming, A lot of young engineers under my wing bring back a boom to the recording industry.

What Projects have you been most exciting Working on ?

My biggest project I’m working on right now is, I’ll be putting out a Beat Subscription Service Called Beatflix.

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