Interview : With BRICK SQUAD MONOPOLY Own @Frenchie1017


From a A Relentless Grind, To Having Musical Roots and Interest that extend since child hood. How would you describe the Music and your experiences growing up?


Music is my life, always loved it and always will, Music showed me the world,  I touched nearly all 50 states and all Major Cities. Growing up in my part of town you dont leave your boro so for me I am blessed.


With Your Upcoming Mixtape ” Concrete Jungle ” What can listeners expect to receive?

Expect to Receive more of Frenchie and my versatility. Going to try a new approach nd hopefully the Response is positive.


Where do you get your inspiration from in your recording Process?


Everyday Life situations that is going on around me or that has happened and I could Relate to


What is one of your most Memorable Experiences?


Performing on Stage to Over 50,000 People!! ( Summer Jam NYC )


Where do you see your self in 5 years?

On Tour In Europe


How would you describe the Current State of The Music Industry?

I love it, everyday its new talent new sounds and new beats.So it makes you have to work extra harder because if you dont you will become history that Fast

Any Last words you would like to leave your audience?

Follow me on twitter @frenchie1017  and buy my new single on itunes  ” Shake/clap” And I Love all My fans