Who is : Jon Hannz @Jon_hannz

who is @jon_hannz

Who Is Jon Hannz?

Jon Hannz is that “boom bap” someone who embraces the hip hop that nas said died. The story telling hip hop that says hey play that again!

What Can We expect to hear from your New Project ” Hannibal Leatherface “, What type of subject matter, and Sounds will be displayed ?

The new mixtape is a collaboration of me and an artist named Drex. We met and had similar intentions so the project is hip hop,some gritty,some lessons. It’s really an extension of the first song we did together on “love,Life, and Commitments pt2:the book of James” called “the product” which the video you can find on YouTube.

jon hannz

Outside of hip hop, What are your Hobbies/interest ?

Actually making music is my hobby the way I feed my family is different. Yeah some hip hop money would be nice and greatly appreciated however I don’t believe in “starving artist” if you look at some successful people what made them rich or well off was their hobby. When the “hobby” gained traction or started really making enough to feed and demand your all you fully step into it then build an empire from there.

So In 5 years from Now, How do you envision the current State of Hip Hop, And where do you see yourself?

I see the rebellion of hip hop with no content. I feel like hip hop is going to a place where you have to have substance because the world is tired of people saying nothing and being glorified for tricking the fans who need relative lyrics. Good songs overall and all the music I hear is bringing that back.

Hip Hop has had all types of Era’s and styles, from the back pack to gangsta music, to the dance hits, How do you describe your Style ?

Reality rap I call it, you can hear real life stories to real life lessons. A lot of people come to me and say “man when you was talking about!…..” “Hannz I like that you talk about something I can relate to your not just talking nonsense, that’s the reason I stopped listening to hip hop”

When I hear that I understand my lane #makinghiphopgreatagain

What are some of the Artist that have been the most influential to your career?

Awe man I can go for days Marly, Russell, LL, m.o.p, ice cube, Quincy Jones, nas, jay-z, j cole, oukast, t.i, ugk, dr Dre, Akon, wyclef, and so many more all taught me a few things: don’t forget who your are! Embrace what you stand for never let people pull you down with their opinions of you believe in you and invest in you.

Any Last words for the Readers?

Love,Life and Commitments pt1 and pt2 is on every digital platform. YouTube iTunes google play tidal etc. if you love hip hop you won’t be sorry I thank you in advance

who is jon hannz @jon_hannz love , life and commitments pt 1 pt2

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