Power Broker of Deals~ Meet Gunnz ( @gunnz205 )

The Reason Of A Multi Million dollar Publishing Deal secured for Shawty Redd (producer of Akons “I wanna love you,Jeezy,Snoop and tons more)Structured a Label Deal for Don P of trillville with Rapalot/Asylum records. And is Now Business Partners with Jas Prince (Who first discovered Drake, and is the Son of Rap-A-Lot Ceo James Prince )Meet Gunnz

Who Is Gunnz?

A Go Getta, Hustla that makes things happen, Team Player!

How would you describe Young Empire Ent?

One of the go to companies, pushing the standards of the industry. Being innovative, setting trends. Its not just a brand its a lifestyle, bringing the young moguls to the forefront.
Building a power House, its been a opportunity of a life time with Jas.

What are your thoughts on the state of the Industry?

Most executives and Labels are scared to take chances, its alot of politics.
They Spin the same wheel and chase trends.
The industry as a whole has to come together.

Any Recent or Future Projects?

I cant disclose that, though look for the Young Empire Brand to be nation wide in the next 12 months.
From Movies, Clothing, Alcohol and more.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Changing the game, Lord willing. Building a brand, Prayer, Patience, Persistence, and Keeping forward.

Any Thoughts you would like to leave the future Entrepreneurs.

Only time you lose is when you give up. Strategize, out work the comp, wake up early and sleep late. Take a chance, First off Jas discovered Drake had others believing in him, He took a chance. Look how tech has changed the game and how reality shows changed tv, you gots to be active and innovative. Plan your future. Be willing to listen, not cocky, humble.

What would you like to leave the readers with?

Keep on the lok out for us, Young Empire Ent. Leaders groom other Leaders, Its not about me its about the team.

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