Unsigned Spotlight – Interview with Jayace * @JacobDunn

Who is Jayace Jacob and What do you represent ?

A stand up nigga, i do this for the people with with they’re back against the wall, with nothing to lose an everything to gain an for those who want real hip hop!

How would you describe your Style ?

Conscious lyricism at its best

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Living life to fullest

What Artist have inspired you the Most ?

Joe Budden,Jayz,Nas,Beanie Sigel,Cassidy, Eminem, Big l, Camron, Big pun.

Who do you see yourself working with on your future album ?

If i could chose a artist to collaborate with it would be J cole and Cassidy.

What are your Hobbies outside of Music ?

Reading staying sharp mentally, and spending time with my sons when i can.

What Can Music fans expect from you this year?

This year im going in on content every track, i don’t think it’s a rapper/mc in the game or anywhere were else that got the hunger to win as much as i do. Who can spit on the same level as me this year ima give the fans a classic.

Any projects you working on ?

“My time is Now” ep coming soon, Stay tuned