ViLLE BABY ( @followvillie )

Ville Baby, born Adam Khan on July 22, 1986 was born and raised in South Florida. He started his music career as a musician of sorts. Teaching himself how to play guitar, bass, drums, and piano. He found his passion was varied amongst music of all genres. After forming band after band and watching them fall apart due to the lack of drive and determination of his band mates, he decided to go another route. Realizing his lyrical capability at age seventeen, he found that Hip Hop was a way for him to create music without relying on others to contribute. Through his artistic developmental process he created song after song, and album after album.

When his first born Liliana Marie came along, he decided to turn his passion into a career. Learning to understand the aspects of the music industry was a challenge. Listening to what was being released through media, radio, and television helped him to gain a perspective on what people wanted to not only hear, but also spend money on. Being an unheard of independent artist was a constant struggle. Trying to keep up with the times and relevance of commercialized music without the ability, contacts, and budget can leave you a constant step behind.

In 2008 his mother decided to put everything on the line by maxing out her credit cards in order to provide him with a budget with nothing but one hundred percent of belief in her son’s talent. Ville created his own record label, Sunshine State Records, with the hopes of becoming an independent success. He brought his friends with him on his journey to achieve their dreams. His label soon consisted of rappers, singers, and producers who put their talents together towards one goal. After being consistantly lied to by people who pretended to be able to take his music to the next level, he soon realized that it isn’t just about the budget, it is also about having trustworthy contacts.

In 2009 after the budget had been dissolved, he found himself running out of ideas. Until he met someone, who will remain nameless, who once again, said he could take Ville to the next level. Putting together an updated photoshoot, mixtape, and internet promotion campaign, Ville and his associate decided to give it another try by taking a new approach. They created a single, “Tatted Like A Biker Boy” featuring South Florida’s own Billy Blue and Mista Mac of Poe Boy Records. They hit the club scene hard in order to network and form relationships with people already in the music industry. Soon after, Ville realized that his associate was more into the club scene, and looking like a success, then actually being one. Ville then realized once again, his associate did not have the know how nor the connections to achieve success in the music industry.

After abandoning all trust in what people claim they can do for you, Ville determined if he was going to reach his goal, he would have to do it on his own. Watching his friends slowly fade away through desperation and exhaustion of willingness, Ville was once again back to the beginning, doing everything on his own. Losing patience, frustration soon set in, and writer’s block took it’s toll.

After a year of not being able to create music, in 2011, Ville found his passion slowly coming back. Determining his unhappiness with the music industry, and constant struggle to stay relevant, he decided that if he was going to make music, it would be on his terms. He decided to take his music into a new direction by creating lyrical content that would positively affect those who listened to it. With regard towards commercialism, fame, and fortune, he wanted to create music that everybody could relate to, and therefore enjoy. He combined socially conscious lyrics with well orchestrated instrumentals and very talented vocals on choruses. This new style was accepted immediately by fellow artists as well music lovers of all sorts. Putting together an album entitled “Where Did The Music Go”, Ville touches on subjects ranging from the struggles of being an independent artist, to just trying to make a living. With the hopes of uplifting the world’s spirits, he continues to promote his music with the intentions of ushering in a new era of commercialized music