Who is Elevated Scott? What is Global Attack Mixtapes?


Q. What ignited the spark in you to start the Global Attack Mixtapes venture? How did the idea come about?

The Global Attack Mixtape Series was started after I was receiving a large number of artist that needed marketing, promotions and distribution but they could not afford to hire me for a PR/Marketing campaign. Global Attack Mixtapes provides a turn key solution to help signed and unsigned artist all over the world help build their online presence and bring records to life. We charge $100 which covers online and FM radio promo, web features and distribution through Island Def Jam Digital. The Idea came about after realizing my PR/Marketing services of $2500 per month do not fit within everyones budget. Now I have developed this outlet for artist to grow and profit from being involved with the Global Attack Mixtape Series Catalog.

Q. How did you find and decide which artists to feature on your project?

I have developed a lead generation system through social networks; twitter, facebook, reverbnation. Were looking for serious artist who understand the music business is a business is a business and to get business results you must treat it as a business. I have been very fortunate getting major artist involved like Kid Capri, JadaKiss, Styles P, Freeway, Trech of Naughty by Nature and Gucci Mane. I also have a huge catalog of unsigned artist from all over the US and countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, Jamaica, London, Japan, Korea, Africa and the Virgin Islands. The digital age has really allowed me to expand rapidly throughout the world and the goal is to have an artist from every country in the world and eventually every major city and even third world countries around the globe. We really have a turn key solution to help artist build their online presence and bring their records to life. We just need the artist who are looking to take things serious and were scouring the social media outlets daily looking for artist who need that extra push. Good music speaks for itself it just needs to be made visible.

Q. What impact do you feel Global Attack Mixtapes will have on the traditional mixtape outlets?

What makes Global Attack Mixtapes different is the fact that we take a completely outside the box approach to the “traditional mixtape” . Typically when you think mixtape you would think of a DJ screaming and yelling over the instrumentals and just a very urban feel and sound usually with industry beats. What I have done is developed a hybrid of the most downloaded mixtapes “coast to coast mixtapes”and I incorporated the commercial appeal of the ever popular “NOW THATS WHAT I CALL MUSIC” compilation series. Basically I have taken the aggressive grassroots marketing of coast to coast and placed only music that has a top 40, radio friendly appeal and complied about 6 Volumes to date. The concept is to align signed and unsigned artist from all regions of the world to leverage their fan bases of each other to penetrate new markets that they would normally never have the chance to develop fans in parts of the world that Global Attack Mixtapes has an artist. My blog site www.International-HipHop.com has received traffic from 141 countries in the first 8 months of launching and growing weekly. For-instance we have an artist “CANEO” from Brooklyn he is an emerging artist that no one has ever heard of and I took him to a meeting with a clothing sponsor that was visiting me in NYC based out of Belgium (LXF Clothing) and connected him with the brand which also does showcases. Caneo was able to get booked organically through being involved with Global Attack Mixtapes he has been to Belgium twice and France once through the bridge we help create for him. This is just one example of what separates us from teh norm but I could go on for days you can check out all of the press links at www.itsmyurls.com/globalmixtapes. At the end of the day the biggest thing that makes Global Attack Mixtapes special is the fact that we pay the artist quarterly royalty payments, push online radio and FM in Germany (streetvibes 92.5fm) as well as website features and of course the distribution with Island Def Jam. I pride myself on being able to help an artist build their online presence and bringing their records to life.

Q. What has been your most successful form of marketing globalattackmixtapes.com?

GlobalAttackMixtapes.com is not my focal point for marketing the project. We sell in over 350 online retailers through Island Def Jam so I use alot of the major store links alot to drive sales ie; itunes, amazin, emusic, Napaster etc. www.International-HipHop.com has been the focal point of news and promo for the Global Attack Mixtapes. International-hiphop.com is currently a blog roll but its in the works to change the site to a full fledge multi media site that will incorporate a weekly web series (International-HipHop TV) a 24/7 radio stream, HipHop culture section and of course a news feed to the top entertainment news around the world. We have incorporate all the social media plugins so I would have to say again that social media is our biggest form of marketing when promoting the Global Attack Mixtapes. Check out this cool article on social media, note the plug for Global Attack Mixtapes. (http://www.youngentrepreneur.com/blog/can-social-media-change-an-industry/)

Q. Where do you see this project going in the next couple of years?

My vision over the next couple of years is to really bring this project into the mainstream market. I would like to either partner with a major label for more than just distribution or seek private investments to incorporate major media campaigns. I would like to have major ad placements in print media like Vibe, Source, XXL, HipHop weekly and other major publications that cater to the hip hop community. I also would like to have several commercials that I can place on networks like MTV, BET, VH1 and FUSE TV. I just want to put together a major mass media marketing campaign that will help drives sales and submissions. During the first year since launching this project I have compiled about 6 Volumes to date and I would like to release a Vol a month and eventually a Vol a week. The next couple years are going to be crucial in the future of Global Attack Mixtapes. I plan to make Global Attack Mixtapes a household name around the world within the hiphop community. Make sure you keep up to speed with all the press and other updates at www.itsmyurls.com/globalmixtapes





















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